Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Taking Charge of Creativity

I am trying to have the students very much in charge of how they are creating and sharing their learning. Many of the members of my class are traditionally "clever" children. Around 1/3 don't quite fit that label. This is a story of the 1/3.
Two days ago the class discussed a movie where the main character is faced with a dilemma and the following consequences. I posed questions to the children of a moral nature and the discussion was lively and loud.

I then wanted the students to share their thoughts, discussion points and own conflicts, anyway they wanted.
Many students began by simply writing out the story from differing points of view, or from their own moral conflicts. Eventually iPads were collected, animations begun and recordings made.
2 girls sat quietly on the deck outside looking quite lost.

After about 20mins, Annliz brought me her story as well as many more supporting ideas. She had written some very interesting and creative ideas but she just didn't know how to continue the story - that she had begun as a narrative. Her partner - Quziyah, was no longer supporting her in the direction she wanted, Annliz made the decision to go it alone and seek out some help.
The session ended and Annliz was making good progress with her narrative by sitting with me and taking a few risks while still feeling supported.

Fast forward a day and a half and Annliz and Quziyah asked me to look at their work. I was surprised to see them back together but even more surprised to see that they wanted me to watch a movie, not read a story.
Together they had decided to keep the narrative, but add a twist of sharing an interview discussing their feelings towards the posed dilemma.

To me, this is exactly the kind of learning I love to see kids go through. They reflect as they work, make changes, take risks and ultimately own what they have created, 100%
Annliz and Quziyah are both incredibly proud of their work, not only because they made decisions and owned the outcome, but also because they used an iPad for the first time, edited in iMovie and exported it to Vimeo - all independently.

I congratulated them on a job well done and the way that they reflected on their work and process and made changes as they needed them. - Cue massive smiles. Great day.

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