Thursday, 28 February 2013

In Full Swing

Week 3's literacy task was based around writing motivational or uplifting lyrics to an existing rap beat. The students were encouraged to work in groups, decide on a beat, write the lyrics, record and film an MTV.
A massive task.
1 day of solid work and 2 shorter sessions finished the jobs for almost all contenders.
Team work was greatly evident as they listened to tracks together off one netbook, wrote lyrics on a shared doc, recorded round a single iPad, filmed and edited the movie.
There was an incredible display of knowledge and skill around the using of the equipment and software. Groups chose which tools to use and integrated their use seamlessly as they completed the task.
Reflection was clearly evident as they reworked lyrics, re-recorded sound tracks, tweaked planning and added extra filming and animation. Whole class sharing of the movies as they were in progress and in a finished state, prompted much discussion around what looked or sounded great and what needed work.
Jobs were outsourced when groups needed extra help, were lacking in skills or needed fresh ideas.
Spaces around the school were employed as students looked for quiet spaces, interesting backdrops or special "guest stars".
All of this was self managed, happy, calm and engaged.

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