Friday, 28 April 2017

We've Come a Long Way Baby

Week 10 and #DaBoyz2017 have evolved into a team/class of gorgeous wee humans. We've gotten into our routines for each day experiencing fun, hands on, quiet, noisy, thoughtful, engaging activities.
Our main learning has been around self regulation and relating to others. Through co construction (unbeknownst to the boys) we've come up with three values and three phrases that provide cues for the boys to manage self and relate well to others.
  • Kaha - Strength of heart
  • Tiaki - Care
  • Kotahitanga - Work together
  • Good listening
  • Happy words
  • Smiley faces
A quick mention of one of these words or phrases from myself or one of the other lads, gives the wee boy a moment to rethink his actions and behaviours. While not always successful in regulating every moment, we've certainly seen a vast improvement in the ability of the boys to self manage in a tricky situation.

The learning we've experienced has been vast, of course not only in the three Rs. Most learning has come from those flexible moments but main parts of our routine - family lunch and bike riding - have led to some awesome learning moments.