Monday, 7 December 2015

2015 - A Reflection

Don’t think of me as only a spreadsheet cell
There are many more stories my life can tell.

I’m kind and funny and amazing at art
That’s only 3 things, to give you a start.

I look after my friends and fight against wrongs
I’m strong in my heart and I know where I belong

I work really hard and I’ve learnt not to give in
Taking hard knocks, right on the chin

I’ve fallen head over heels for my ratbags so dear
With my primary concern being their daily care.

Supporting each other and loving each day
From humble beginnings we’ve come an awful long way

From their table together, they share with the world
Onto the pages their ideas are unfurled

We listen to stories and dream and wonder
About ancient mummies and pirates who plunder

Curiosities and imagination are so highly treasured
These are our learnings that should really be measured

A box won’t contain all the great things we have done
Like making movies, songs and cooperating as one

So don’t think of my teaching as a spreadsheet cell
The effect I’ve made has a more detailed story to tell.