Friday, 28 April 2017

We've Come a Long Way Baby

Week 10 and #DaBoyz2017 have evolved into a team/class of gorgeous wee humans. We've gotten into our routines for each day experiencing fun, hands on, quiet, noisy, thoughtful, engaging activities.
Our main learning has been around self regulation and relating to others. Through co construction (unbeknownst to the boys) we've come up with three values and three phrases that provide cues for the boys to manage self and relate well to others.
  • Kaha - Strength of heart
  • Tiaki - Care
  • Kotahitanga - Work together
  • Good listening
  • Happy words
  • Smiley faces
A quick mention of one of these words or phrases from myself or one of the other lads, gives the wee boy a moment to rethink his actions and behaviours. While not always successful in regulating every moment, we've certainly seen a vast improvement in the ability of the boys to self manage in a tricky situation.

The learning we've experienced has been vast, of course not only in the three Rs. Most learning has come from those flexible moments but main parts of our routine - family lunch and bike riding - have led to some awesome learning moments.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Speed Bumps

It's going to take some time to get this right, to work out how these guys operate and how we fit together.The first of many speed bumps has come along as I've tried to build a team or community within these lads. As I spoke about helping each other make sensible choices and guide one another through the day, the boys took this as an opportunity to nark, tell tales and generally be mean about one another - fail one.

Week 4 and the new angle I'm taking is to simply manage ones own behaviour first and foremost, in an attempt to build role models that the less mature boys can model themselves on. After 5 days of this approach I've seen drastic changes in how the boys deal with conflict and niggles within the classroom. There's still a lot of pointing out of others behaviour and niggling at one another, but the big things are discussed as a class and don't lead to even bigger issues and the smaller ones are being ignored and therefore aren't being fuelled in to full on flames. So overall, the boys are more settled and our days are happier.

During our recent writing test (where the boys could only stay quiet and still for 10mins) I noticed that 6 out of the 12 gents were left handed.  Basic Googling tells me that left handedness in males can be linked with developmental delay. Certainly an area of research I'm going to be interested in  - to be continued.......

As we've just been through "testing week", I've made sure to make time for physical and creative endeavours to balance the sitting still. The most successful activity was creating stop motion animation using everyday toys. I set no rules around what they could animate or where they needed to be situated within the class. The boys took complete charge of themselves and their task and were able to quietly and thoughtfully make some cute animations - we even exported them to iMovie and added sound effects before using html to embed them on their blogs.
Even though these guys struggled to write complete sentences and sit still for even 10mins during a writing test - they were all successful in tackling new learning around animating. Where does this put them on National Standards?

What have I learnt in one month

  • Positive talk is Powerful
  • My boys hate being made to sit still 
  • Strong routines work
  • My boys are gorgeous and will do anything for a bowl of ice-cream!

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Introducing The Delightful Dozen

A wonderful "side effect" of the Manaiakalani MDTA program is that for 2017 I get the wonderous opportunity to try something new, something special, something just a little different. I mulled over what this may be during the latter half of 2016.

Each year at Pt England I am blessed with a class of gorgeous talent, gorgeous hearts and gorgeous mischief. A pattern has developed where I have been somewhat drawn to the mischief version. Those kids who need a little something extra each day. A little something to set them straight, keep them smiling or help them be a member of a busy classroom. I have enjoyed the challenge of learning what every one of these treasures needs to succeed.

So for 2017 I am embarking on a class of gorgeous talent, gorgeous heart and gorgeous mischief with 12 small boys who may just need that little something extra.

So far we've had three days together and each day I tackle with a very flexible plan. We're jumping on on learning as it presents itself as well as using each moment to discuss core values and key competencies.

I do hope that by building community within the boys, they develop a great sense of belonging and trust in each other and their school. This sense of stability, trust and love will allow the boys to access learning that has otherwise evaded them and get them on an accelerated pathway to future success.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016


This time of year I like to reflect on what the kids have ACTUALLY learnt. Where has my teaching made the biggest difference?

Looking at hard data gives one very small point of view. One moment in time that tells us something - but not the whole picture.

So much more exists in our day to day than reading, writing and maths. Children make gains socially, emotionally and metacognitively. Those unmeasurable qualities that make for the well rounded citizens we're shaping and moulding.

Early this morning I quite randomly stumbled across a re post on Twitter titled -
Don't Ask Me for My Kids' Test Scores... 
I'd share more thoughts, but this blog post from Eric Johnson says it nicely.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Hōkūleʻaʻs Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage.

In 2015 we had the privilege of welcoming the waka Malama Honua to our very own Pt England Beach. This story shares the tale of the connection Manaiakalani shares with the people of Hawai'i and the ancient pacific voyagers.
I was fortunate to be able to share part of my own story from my 15 years at Pt England.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening

We decided this week to undertake a whole class writing activity that I had found successful last year.
Using the context of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the students would sequence a series of sentences into paragraphs.
The writing learning consisted of learning about how a paragraph is structured with a topic sentence, supporting ideas and a concluding sentence.
The reading consisted of reading each sentence to determine the purpose of each sentence in the paragraph.
Speaking - each pair recorded the completed paragraph using Explain Everything.
Listening - the paragraphs were listened to, to determine their accuracy and flow.

More importantly, social learning came to the fore. Students were grouped by the teachers into some unexpected partnerships. Our intention was to look for the ability to listen to each other and share ideas and roles. 

The discussion in the classroom was almost all learning based as the students discussed the order of the sentences, how to read the new topic based vocabulary and what to do next. They helped each other, worked together and surprised themselves with how much they knew and could do.

A powerful lesson that comprised all aspects of literacy - including illustrating and sharing - that was fun, engaging, high energy and full of fabulous new content learning alongside our intended curriculum and social goals.

The motivation given to the students on the class site.

The visual instructions of what to do at each step.