Thursday, 15 February 2018

2018 Focus

After such a different year in 2017, I am back working in an ILE of 90 children and 2 other teachers.

My plan is to bring my learnings and findings from 2017 in to this different environment and to adapt them to suit the wider range of children in the space.

I am fortunate to be working alongside colleagues that I have taught with before and respect their creativity, flexibility and enthusiasm. - We will make a great team as we bring a variety of strengths to the space.

My learnings in 2017 highlighted the need for #DaBoyz to be hands on, to feel respected, to know who they are and to be loved. These important key competencies contributed to the very successful year that we experienced. 5 of the lads from 2017 are in the class for 2018.

How can those findings be implemented in a large class with a wide, wide range of learning styles and children?