Thursday, 8 October 2015

Reading - with Books

I filmed this movie early in term 3 and has been sitting in a draft post since. I feel today is the day to post as I am sitting in @librarypaula's #ulearn15 presentation about the future of libraries.

I heard on the news this morning that a large UK book store is discontinuing sales of Kindles. Now I'm not sure that's because digital books are failing - in my opinion it's probably the existence of another device when our phones can do it all.
However, there is nothing quite like kids and real books!

I was fortunate to receive 30 or so brand new non-fiction books about snakes, dinosaurs, sharks, insects, space - all sorts of high interest topics.
As I laid them out on the floor, 25 pairs of eyes widened, 25 smiles grew increasingly more grinnier!

The engagement with "real books" was more powerful than anything this class has experienced with digital devices. They "love" their iPads, they "love" their digital books, but my word, they absolutely gobble up these beautiful books.

There's nothing quite like the power of tangible books to collaborate, share, discuss and enjoy.

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  1. Fabulous moment to capture Helen and I love your balanced viewpoint on the place of books in 2015. I've been buying paper books again to share with Grandbebe for the reasons you describe.